4 benefits of music for the child

A child can be immersed in music from an early age. To do this, it is not necessary to have special musical instruments or to have exceptional talent. Through lullabies, the child can get used to it. And this music has positive effects on the child and its development. In this article we will discuss 5 benefits of music for children.

A transmission of your love

When we listen to music, we notice its effects on us. The same is true for children, to whom it does a lot of good. When your child hears you singing to him, it gives him great joy. You will find that when you sing, they will almost immediately start to smile, laugh or even dance. It is a way of communicating your love for him and this can be felt through the emotions he gives off. It is even more intense when you hold him while you sing. The bond becomes stronger and stronger.

A learning tool

Music is an excellent learning tool for children. Singing to your children or learning to sing to them stimulates certain areas of your brain and develops skills. Singing nursery rhymes, clapping or listening to music helps children to memorise faster, to listen and to concentrate.

A way to develop language

It is obvious that singing develops language and speaking skills. Songs and rhymes enrich the child's vocabulary. They learn new words and can then form whole sentences on their own.


By singing with other children of his age, the child learns to socialise. Being a member of musical groups where the child thrives, gives him/her opportunities to adapt more easily to other people and to build relationships. As much as music is beneficial for children, it is also beneficial for adults. Music can be more than just fun; it can be a real therapy. Listening to music that you like has the ability to take your mind off your worries and stress. While you are there, the music transports you to the worlds you want. Having music as a companion is a great way to cope with pressure and loneliness.

Why does music feel good?

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