What do we remember about musical art?

When we talk about art, we can think of anything but music. This field is completely forgotten and sidelined, yet it must be part of authentic art. It is this discrimination that sends this article to talk about musical art in order to rebalance the debates and put this very important field of art back on the map.

How is the art of music?

For several decades now, music is no longer what it was and what it embodied in the 19th or 20th century. It is a totally transformed music that is heard and developed today all over the world. In fact, new types of music have emerged, we are no longer in the classical style of the past. Things have changed with globalization and so have the players in the music business. As a result, it is the young people who have taken the initiative and today rap, zouglou and djazz are the most popular. Moreover, the languages in which most artists sing are well known. Most often it is English, followed by French. So there are no longer any barriers and the songs circulate freely throughout the world.

Is musical art important in the world?

The question of the importance of musical art in the world is not asked very often, but there are occasions when it is asked. It must be understood that musical art is more than important in this world. In fact, music has calming and therapeutic effects on man. Medicine therefore uses it to be effective on certain patients. Secondly, music is a factor of peace, social cohesion and a means by which the whole world understands itself. There are no barriers to music. Finally, with music events, countries can develop even more and see their economies do better.